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Speakers at Radley

Radley hosts an incredible variety of speakers from all fields of life.

It is a fundamental tenet of our programme that boys and staff should be exposed to the very best speakers from the worlds of  journalism, the arts, sport, academic research, politics, adventure and, indeed, we are very keen that Radleians should be able to make up their own minds when it comes to complex and controversial issues.

For example, during the past two years, we have had the eminent scientist Simon Singh debating with boys many of the same climate change issues which our Provocateur-in-Residence, journalist James Delingpole, had addressed from the opposite side of the argument during his stay.

Boys have listened to the former head of MI5, Sir David Omand, and analyst Ziya Meral discussing current terror threats at home and abroad, the Behavioural Economics lecturer Paul Craven explaining why so many people make poor choices in investment and other areas of life (because they don’t think themselves), and The Very Reverend Martin Percy discuss sexualisation in the media.

The Coffee Shop has been a really effective forum for lectures and discussion and Professor Rana Mitter has spoken on relations between Japan and China, while Dr Hannah Wakeford explored alien atmospheres, Julian Baggini examined issues of personal identity and sexuality and Professor Jon Timmis of York University demonstrated the hive mind of his robots to an enthralled audience.

Perhaps most memorably for a lot of boys, the most decorated test pilot in the world, Captain Eric Brown and Auschwitz survivor Freddie Knoller, quite literally brought history to life. 

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