• Radley College, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 2HR
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The Radley Community

There is something very rare, and very special, about the Radley community. It stems from a continuity of purpose over many years, from the values that underpin the ethos of the school, and from the dedication of all dons to providing the very best education possible.

The campus life – with all dons and families living on site – means that boys mix frequently and easily with them in the course of the school week, so giving Radley itself a family feel. We seek to model, and in turn expect from them, qualities of kindness, respect, decency and sensitivity as well as purpose, aspiration, endeavour and ambition.

When he founded Radley, William Sewell envisaged a school in which boys’ lives were enriched by the presence of beautiful things, a gentler vision than the muscular, robust ambitions of some 19th century educators. We remain true to that, seeking to ensure that all appreciate their aesthetic environment and recognise the importance of it within their daily life. Art, Music, and Drama are vibrant and Chapel remains at the heart of what we do; we encourage boys to explore the spiritual as well as the material.

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