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'The Shell Business Game'

'The Shell Business Game'

'The Shell Business Game', organised by Careers Adviser DJP, was held on successive Sundays in January in the New Pavilion and featured the entire Shell Yeargroup in action, learning about teamwork and Business Skills. 

A full Report by Alexander Scott, K Social Shell, is below:

On Sunday 17th January, half the Shell Year participated in the Shell Business Game. We were split up into our Social teams of about seven people. The games started at 10:30am and for the first couple of hours, up until lunch, we were told about useful things to have on our CV and to have an interest in a wide range of activities and to develop skills (for example, learning how to play an instrument to a high level shows significant levels of effort and dedication). 


We were also told that we really needed to get stuck into life and make the most of every opportunity that there is, as there are now around a hundred people applying for a highly-paid office job, of which only seven or eight will receive an interview. We were then issued with a list of ten people applying for a job in an outdoor educational school. We had to decide who was going to get an interview; this was not necessarily about their A level results. This was a really useful exercise as it really put us in the feet of a head hunter and it also demonstrated that a CV is much more than just a list of exam results!


After that, we received a very short paragraph about other things to take into account when deciding whether to give the person an interview. This really drilled into us how important it is that everything you post on social networks is always out there even when you delete it; after reading these small pieces of information the list of candidates really re–shuffled.  


Just before lunch, we were each given a role in our business, where we had to design a product and evaluate how we were going to get it onto the shelves and how we were going to sell it. We also had to create an advert about it, which was probably the best part of our product, thanks to a particular member of the team’s brilliant skills on Imovie. Our product was a special smoothie maker which told the user all the nutritional values of the smoothie including a sugar counter. The fruit that went into it was also part of the product and was the “2nd rate” fruit that is always picked out or is chucked in the waste, just because of its appearance; but after all, it doesn’t matter what the fruit looks like that goes into a smoothie. As part of the company the fruit would be available in small brown paper bags in supermarkets across the UK.


We all were given a large role to play and I was given the role of sales director. This was a fantastic exercise, as we were really encouraged to work as team and to listen to each other’s ideas; it also gave a taster of what the business world is really like. After a few hours developing our idea, we were asked to pitch our idea. A couple of us had to give a short speech about our product and the idea behind it. We then showed the advert we had made about our project. Each of the ten teams pitched their idea, some being more futuristic than others.


After everyone had finished presenting their ideas, all the plans were judged by the Business teacher, Jonathan. He gave a number of different prizes including one for the best business plan, the best advert and an overall prize for the best product idea and advert, which K social won.  


It was a fantastic day and was definitely worth giving up Sunday for. I learned a huge amount about the business world and the key factors that make up a successful business. I also had a really strong message about good aspects for a CV. I am sure this will help in the future.  


Report by Alexander Scott, Shell

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