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The Socials

Why are Boarding Houses called Socials? 

The word 'socius' means a companion, so the word 'social' meant a boy who was entrusted to the care and protection of a Don (master). Initially most boys were living together in College, but they were under the care of 6 'social tutors' and the term Social then referred to all the boys under the care of one tutor. When D Social was built in 1886 all the boys and their tutor were united in their own living quarters and so the word Social came to mean the building and the collection of 'companions'. The Tutor is their housemaster.

Choose from the following to find out more about each Social

A Social 

Tutor: T.R.G.Ryder                 

B Social

Tutor: C.E. Scott Malden

C Social

Tutor: S.R.Giddens

D Social

Tutor: H.Crump

E Social

Tutor: T.C.Lawson

F Social

Tutor: C.A.San José

G Social

Tutor: G.R.King 

H Social

Tutor: G.H.S.May

J Social

Tutor: O.H.Langton

K Social

Tutor: C.J. Lee

Do Socials have particular strengths or characteristics? 

All Socials have a broad mix of boys of differing abilities and interests from a range of schools. The daily routine and rules are essentially identical across the Socials. The accommodation in all Socials is esentially the same (given the physical restrictions of existing buildings), now that they have all been refurbished. Boys mix freely between Socials, something enhanced by central dining and the physical proximity of the Socials. 

How long do Tutors remain in post?

A Tutor's tenure in Social is initially twelve years, although some may leave earlier whilst others are given the option of extending their time in Social.

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