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The Trim Trail

The Trim Trail up and running

The Trim Trail (see map below) is a series of eight exercise stations around the Radley campus. The 2.2 mile route between these eight stations makes the most of the trails and vistas of the Radley grounds. Different muscle groups are used at the stations, which are the sit-up bench, the horizontal ladder, the leg press, triple chin-up bar, pull down, leg lift, double dip and, finally, the chest press.

To make the stations more useful for a sports coach to take a whole squad out, each machine is surrounded by ten metres of oak railway sleepers. The idea is that the boys rotate around using the machine, whilst the rest of the squad carry out other exercises.

These exercises include reverse dips, step ups, astride jumps and press ups. The length of the course and number of stations allow up to 160 boys to use the course at one time (with a little coordination). The course typically takes 35-45 minutes to complete, which means that more than half the school could potentially use the course, even on a short games afternoon. The course gives another opportunity for coaches to take their team for some fun fitness, especially when poor weather means the pitches are ‘off’.

The course can also be used by smaller groups. Many boys use the course to aid their personal fitness. The exact route taken and number of exercises can be adapted to suit the participants, the size of the group, the strength/fitness of the participants and the aims of the session. 


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