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Shell Year

During the Shell year boys are encouraged to understand what it means to study ‘Theology’ in an academic way and the way that Theology embraces other disciplines, taking as a starting point Ninian Smart's ‘Dimensions of Religion’.

Theology at GCSE

In the Remove year, Theology is offered as one of the optional subjects (currently block 4). Boys who opt for the subject at GCSE have four periods per cycle in the Remove year (rising to five periods per cycle in the Vth form ) Currently we follow the AQA syllabus Specification A. There are two areas of study, Christian belief and practice, and a New Testament module based on St Luke’s Gospel. Depending upon numbers, this option is normally taught in two parallel sets.

Theology at A level

Boys at Radley may opt to do Theology as one of their A levels, either having studied it at GCSE, or taking it up as an examinable subject without having studied it previously at GCSE. 

The study of Theology at A’ level comprises four units.

At AS, boys engage in critical study of the ‘Synoptic Gospels’ of the New Testament in one of the papers and in the second, the study of the interaction between ‘Religion Art and the Media.’

At A2 boys continue to study the expression of religious ideas in art across four key historical periods, including the Protestant Reformation and the Catholic Counter Reformation. In the final A2 unit the study broadens out to examine a study of religion and human experience. Currently the syllabus followed is that of the AQA board.

Over the past few years several boys have gone on to study Theology at a range of universities including Oxford, Durham and St Andrew’s.

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