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University Destinations

We encourage each and every boy to strive for the best possible university place that matches their course and career aspirations. Great care is taken in arriving at the right strategy for the individual, which may include support and encouragement after A Levels have been taken. 

What matters is that a Radleian arrives at a university and onto a course that will excite him for the three or four years of undergraduate study. The overall picture for a year group cohort can only be judged when post-A Level applications are taken into account, hence why the information for the 2015 leavers is the most recent list that we publish. The information for the 2016 leavers will be published at the end of August 2017.

Over the last 10 years, Radley has placed around 15 boys a year at Oxford and Cambridge. In a period when all leading universities have sought to broaden their entry, this figure has become increasingly difficult to maintain, but we are pleased that our boys are successfully achieving Oxbridge places in the face of stiff competition.

Continuous refinement of our preparation methods and improvements in information gathering means that Radleians are given the best support for Oxbridge applications. For instance, we have adapted our preparation of Cambridge applicants in the light of recent changes to the Cambridge selection process, i.e. the introduction of aptitude tests across all courses.

Radleians still go, overwhelmingly, to a fairly small group of top universities including Bristol, Durham, Edinburgh, Exeter, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle and UCL. Russell Group universities dominate the list of destinations. There is an increasing interest in American universities, including several successful applications to Ivy League universities. Additionally, Radleians are showing a growing interest in universities in Canada, Europe, South Africa and Australia. This is illustrated by the presence currently at Yale of six ORs and the fact that we have now seen five ORs go to study at Bocconi University in Milan. Our university department has been expanded to take account of this increasingly ‘global’ outlook. In the last three years, over 40% of boys left Radley to study courses at the world’s top 50 universities, according to the highly respected QS ratings 2016-2017.

Links to the destinations of 2014, 2015 and 2016 leavers are given below. Behind each of the entries is a personal story - one that includes guidance and encouragement from a wholly committed group of advisers. 

Radley University Destinations 

2016 University Destinations

2015 University Destinations

2014 University Destinations

Non-UK University destinations 2010-16

Radleians have gone on to study at these institutions:

Non-UK Destinations

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