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We prefer to make every visit personal, and would encourage parents to visit as follows:

Three to four years in advance: parents of all potential candidates, whether registered or not, are welcome to visit Radley three to four years before the entry date. At these visits you will meet a Senior Master and/or the Registrar for around 15 minutes and will be given a full tour of the school by the boys. Please contact the Registrar to arrange a visit; these take place on weekdays, term time only. Boys are welcome to attend at this stage but we leave it to parents to make this decision. Please contact the Admissions Office to arrange a visit.

Radley List candidates (those who have registered very early): a visiting day is arranged in June each year when boys and parents will meet a Social Tutor (housemaster) and have a tour of the school.

Open Entry candidates: are invited to an Open Day in November each year and if you are on our lists (i.e. you have made an enquiry) you will receive an invite via email.

Later applicants including Open Entry candidates: we very much welcome a visit from these candidates, and it is vital they visit Radley before any assessment days so they can have a tour of the school.  Please contact the Admissions Office to arrange a visit.

Unregistered scholars and Funded Places candidates: we like to arrange a meeting with the Warden and a tour of the school for these candidates prior to their assessment day.  Potential music scholars are also encouraged to see the Precentor two years in advance, and in the Michaelmas Term prior to entry for an informal pre-audition.  We are also very interested in seeing potential sports and drama scholars in action so please contact the Registrar if this is an option you would like to pursue.

Parents of boys who have registered early: we recognise that those parents who have registered their son early might like to come and look at Radley. At the time of writing we are considering the best way to arrange visits for parents of young children and, if you are interested in seeing the school, please call the Registrar to discuss the options.

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