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F Social

F Social lies at the very heart of Radley and that is a good way of thinking about the type of boy who thrives here. In the very early days of Radley, what is now F Social was the original school boarding house.  From The History of Radley College: "The Dormitory was marked out on April 14th 1848, and came into use in January, 1849. It contained about seventy cubicles, which had originally had curtains instead of doors, and it must have been one of the largest dormitories in existence. The intention was that the ground floor should contain chambers for two or three Fellows and a Schoolroom." 

To this day the building still houses seventy boys and three house staff, and the ground floor Schoolroom serves as Social Hall where F Social Shells spend their prep time, but that is where similarities with the Victorian era end. Now it is only the fourteen Shells who reside in curtained cubicles, these days each enjoying the luxury of his own wash basin and radiator. The fifty-five or so older boys are all housed in well appointed study bedrooms. However, despite all the mod cons, similarities remain in the daily pace of life for today's F Social boys. That is because F is so close to everything essential to life as a Radleian: Hall for meals; Chapel for spiritual well being; the Library for scholarly advancement - and also the Pitches of course.

Christian San José 

Tutor of F Social



After studying Geography as an undergraduate at Hertford College, Oxford, I embarked on a short career in Financial Public Relations in the City. I then spent six and a half very happy years serving as an Infantry Officer in the Royal Green Jackets (latterly the Rifles), winning the Sword of Honour at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst and being awarded a Mention in Dispatches for operations in Iraq. I have taught Geography at Radley since 2010, and was resident sub-tutor of E Social for three years. I used to be Head of the Army Section of the CCF but have since stepped aside and am now involved as an officer in that same Section. I am a passionate fan of both football (Chelsea FC) and cricket and coach the football 1st XI and the cricket 2nd XI. Rosie, my wife, teaches English at Our Lady's in Abingdon and we have two children, Ana and Nicholas.

Anne Mühlberg



I have been Head of Library since January 2014, having qualified at Aberystwyth University and worked in independent school libraries for twelve exciting years previously. Apart from running the Library, I teach Independent Learning to the Shells, am Master i/c of Sailing and have just moved into F Social as Residential Sub-Tutor.

Debbie Myles

F SOciAL Pastoral housemistress


I joined F Social as PHM in September 2018. I have spent the last two years working at Harrow International School Hong Kong. Previously to that I worked at Bryanston School in Dorset for seven years as Resident Matron.

I am married to Stuart and I have one daughter and four grandsons.  

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