How many new boys join Radley each year? 

What kind of boy is Radley looking for?

What is the difference between Radley List and Open Entry? 

When should we visit?

Does my son need to be at a school that takes Common Entrance?

What happens if I need financial assistance?

What scholarships do you offer?

How should I prepare my son for the Year 9 (13+) assessment process?

What is the assessment process for Sixth Form applicants?

What happens if my son misses the entry deadline?

What does Full Boarding mean?

What is the process for international applicants?

Will I need a Guardian if I live overseas?

What happens once my son has been offered a place?

What are your application and acceptance fees?

What happens if my son is offered a waiting list place?

How are Socials allocated?

Where next?

Whether it's the excitement of sport, the buzz of lively academic debate, or the exhilaration of music and drama – there's always something happening at Radley College. Find out for yourself.

Blonde boy stood amongst group of boys in school uniform at Radley College
Life at Radley