Our generous financial awards programmes allow us to bring the best and most deserving boys to Radley. At the heart of every award is the celebration of ambition, talent and potential.

Awards can be made at 11+, 13+ and 16+ (Years 7, 9, 12). The strongest candidates will be guaranteed funding when they receive their unconditional offer. Some awards are dependent on successfully securing one of our six scholarships (Academic, Art, Drama, Innovation, Music or Sport).

Last year, we spent more than three million pounds supporting 103 boys but our ambition goes beyond this. We are committed to increasing the amount of funding available year-on-year to reach a point where 10% of boys will pay no fees and up to 200 more will receive some level of financial support.

“Their mission is simple: to make a Radley education possible for every talented boy. Radley is fortunate to have generous support that has allowed it to curate a large and well-funded financial assistance programme. The goal is for 10% of the school to be in receipt of a free place and 10% to receive some form of financial assistance by 2030.”

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If you will need financial support to come to Radley, we encourage you to apply.  All financial awards are means-tested. The means-test process takes a bespoke review of your particular circumstances and takes account of income and expenditure as well as assets and liabilities. Our Admissions Team will support you throughout the whole process.

It is highly likely that your son would qualify for an all-inclusive Keys Award.

You may qualify for an all-inclusive Keys award. However, it is more likely that you will qualify for 100% funding but would be expected to contribute for extras.

You will almost certainly not qualify for an all-inclusive award, but you will likely qualify for significant funding.

You will not qualify for an all-inclusive Keys Award. However, you are likely to qualify for some funding.

You may qualify for limited financial support, but this is very unlikely. In some circumstances a small financial award (up to 10% of fees) may be made to recognise exceptional talent.

You are unlikely to qualify for any financial support. In some circumstances a small financial award (up to 10% of fees) may be made to recognise exceptional talent.

It is possible that you will be eligible for some funding, but we require more information to give a definitive answer. Please contact our Admissions Team.


The Radley Keys Award

The Radley Keys Award is an all-inclusive scholarship for talented and ambitious boys currently studying at a state school in the UK.

This programme is purposefully designed to remove barriers, allowing boys to focus on reaching their goals and maximising the opportunities on offer at Radley. A financial award of up to 115% of our fees is available at two entry points:

  • 11+ (Year 7), in addition to the funding guaranteed in Year 6, we can support successful applicants for two years at an independent prep school before they join Radley at 13, and
  • 16+ (Sixth Form).

Unconditional offers are made in Year 6 and Year 11.

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The Silk Award

The Silk Award celebrates and rewards boys with outstanding all-round ability whose families need some support with our fees.

Successful candidates will be academically strong and have a wide range of co-curricular interests. The Silk Award is not dependent on scholarship success, but boys will be expected to make a significant contribution to Radley life. The financial award is means-tested and can range from 10% to 100% of our fees. We welcome applications for entry at 13+ (Year 9) and 16+ (Sixth Form). Unconditional and guaranteed funding offers are made following the assessment days in Year 6 and Year 11.

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The Warden's Award

The Warden’s Award recognises boys of exceptional ability who win one (or more) of our elite scholarships: Academic, Art, Drama, Innovation, Music or Sport.

The financial award attached to the scholarship is means-tested and can range from 10% to 100% of our fees. We welcome applications for 13+ (Year 9) entry from candidates with unconditional offers and non-registered applicants. Final funding guarantees are made in Year 8 following the scholarship assessment days.


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