You probably won’t be surprised to learn that this is by far the most visited page on our website! We publish our term dates a year in advance and therefore ask parents to respectfully adhere to arrival and departure times. Details about parent meetings and report dates are available in the calendar.

Summer Term 2024

Thursday 18th April Term begins (7:30pm)
Friday 3rd May Trinity Weekend begins (12:40pm)
Monday 6th May Trinity Weekend ends (9pm)
Friday 24th May Leave-Away begins (12:40pm)
Sunday 2nd June Leave-Away ends (9pm)
Saturday 6th July Term ends (Gaudy)

Michaelmas Term 2024

Tuesday 3rd September Term begins (Shells 9:30am, others 7:30pm)
Friday 20th September Michaelmas Weekend begins (12:40pm)
Monday 23rd September Michaelmas Weekend ends (9pm)
Friday 18th October Leave-Away begins (12:40pm)
Sunday 3rd November Leave-Away ends (9pm)
Friday 22nd November Advent Weekend begins (12:40pm)
Monday 25th November Advent Weekend ends (9pm)
Tuesday 10th December Term ends (10:15am)

Lent Term 2025

Tuesday 7th January Term begins (7:30pm)
Friday 24th January Hilary Weekend begins (12:40pm)
Monday 27th January Hilary Weekend ends (9pm)
Friday 14th February Leave-Away begins (12:40pm)
Sunday 23rd February Leave-Away ends (9pm)
Friday 28th March Term ends (10:15am)

Summer Term 2025

Thursday 24th April Term begins (7:30pm)
Friday 23rd May Leave-Away begins (12:40pm)
Sunday 1st June Leave-Away ends (9pm)
Saturday 5th July Term ends (Gaudy)

Where next?

Whether it's the excitement of sport, the buzz of lively academic debate, or the exhilaration of music and drama – there's always something happening at Radley College. Find out for yourself.