Our Academic Support Department provides targeted support to enable boys to achieve their full academic potential. Learning difficulties don’t have to be a barrier to achievement, so we equip boys with skills and strategies that will allow them to thrive beyond Radley, not just in the examination hall.

Central to our academic ethos is the recognition that very able and highly intelligent individuals may suffer from weaknesses or difficulties in particular areas: we aim to help such boys realise their true potential. Equally, a boy with quite exceptional abilities may require special provision to help him achieve. The service provided is an integral part of the curriculum: it supports learning and the acquisition of skills in all subject areas which involve literacy and numeracy and it has been a key ingredient in our success in public exams.

Admissions Process

Parents and feeder schools are asked to inform us of any special educational needs during the admissions process and to send us a copy of any reports, including Educational Psychologist assessments. Our Head of Academic Support will analyse the assessment and advise the Warden as to whether Radley is the appropriate school for the boy’s particular learning profile. In certain cases a boy may be advised to go to another school that is better equipped to deal with his particular circumstances.


We are committed to making appropriate provision of teaching and pastoral support for pupils for whom English is an additional language (EAL). We aim to ensure that all EAL students are able to use English competently and confidently in order to access the full curriculum and play a full part in the life of the College. Our provision is managed by an EAL coordinator.

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