When teachers are applying for new jobs, they want to be confident that they will be happy and fulfilled in a school that suits them and matches their ambition. We are biased, but Radley is the most wonderful place to work; as a school, as a community, and as a place to be professionally stimulated, challenged and rewarded.

Radley has outstanding academic success at all levels. We care about results and we regularly achieve some of the best examination outcomes in the country. However, we care far more about the development of character. We want our boys to leave us as kind, confident young men with a strong moral compass.

"Working at Radley College is very much a vocation. As well as teaching, it involves pastoral care (form mastering and helping in the boarding houses), supervising a range of co-curricular activities and participating in sports. Partnerships with local schools and charities are very important to us and staff are also expected to be involved here by sharing their talents and experiences freely. Radley College is very much a community and playing a full part in all that the pupils do adds enormous value to a teaching career. I look forward to meeting you through the application process."

Niall Murphy, Sub-Warden Designate

When you visit us, you will find a thriving community. We are immensely proud of the way we foster a supportive and friendly atmosphere: relationships between all staff and between staff and boys are very strong. Almost all of our teachers are housed by the College either on campus or in the local village, meaning no commute to work, and the full integration of families into the day-to-day life of the school. We only recruit the best people to work here and the spark and energy of a talented Common Room is infectious. The Council (Board of Governors) recognise the importance of staff and reward generously: in salary, accommodation, and benefits. And we care very much about professional development; Radley staff can expect to be challenged and supported as they develop their careers.

Radley is not for everyone. The intensity of a full boarding school, with an expectation of involvement in all aspects of College life, is an all-embracing existence. But if you believe in a genuine all-round education, value the opportunity to help shape lives, have energy, drive, a passion for your subject and a willingness to throw yourself into a busy and dynamic community, we encourage you to apply.

Radley College does not offer gap year placements.


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