Radley Connect is a global online networking platform designed to harness the Radley network to make it more accessible. It enables Old Radleians, current & former parents, and staff to stay connected and support each other in their careers.

Through the careers department we also use Radley Connect to support the careers programme for boys in the school; to encourage them to start stretching their horizons beyond Radley, understand the value of building a network and to help them to build a set of skills that will ensure their employability in the workplace of the future.


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The opportunity to engage with, and talk to, young OR entrepreneurs has been really helpful.

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Radley Connect offers:

  • A community message board for conversation, job opportunities, and career news;

  • Private messaging with other members;

  • An intelligent directory to enable you to find people that are relevant more quickly;

  • The ability to request mentoring;

  • Access to quick and easy careers advice from a wide variety of professionals.

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