Our Futures team, led by the Head of Sixth Form and incorporating University Entrance and Careers, plays a critical role in preparing our boys for life beyond Radley. They provide expert guidance on course choices, universities and apprenticeships, but we work hard to instill a strong and varied skillset that will allow them to thrive in their chosen careers.

"Gone are the days when boys would head off to university without considering what lay beyond that, and the steps required to reach their goals. Now, we offer a bespoke programme of support to every boy, encouraging them to think deeply and strategically about their life beyond Radley, and to challenge their preconceptions about specific routes and courses. It is a constantly evolving world, and it is our responsibility to not only help prepare them for the challenges ahead, but to ensure they flourish!"

Tim Lawson, Head of Sixth Form

University Entrance

Our expert team of university advisors provides comprehensive guidance through the process of applying to UK universities.

In a normal year, more than 90% of boys will secure their first-choice university destination, with the majority at a Russell Group institution.  For those applying for Oxford or Cambridge additional support is provided. Increasingly, we advise boys with applications to overseas destinations where we benefit from a long-standing relationship with external consultants as well as significant in-house expertise. The variety of overseas destinations is such that boys are supervised on a case-by-case basis.


Boys in all year groups are encouraged to think about their career plans early, and shape their Radley experience around them.

As Shells and Removes, boys have access to an extensive interactive career platform where they can learn more about emerging industries. Many parents choose for their son to have a detailed career profile in the Fifth year, before meeting with a professional advisor in the 6.1. We encourage boys to actively seek out work experience opportunities throughout their time at school. Radley Connect, our community portal, provides a hub for networking with Old Radleians, current and past parents, many of whom are happy to act as mentors and/or offer work experience opportunities.


Increasingly, boys are eager to develop entrepreneurial ventures either as part of an academic programme, such as the Mini MBA or Entrepreneurship curriculum extension programme, or independently.

This is something we encourage. Boys, like Old Radleians, can tap into the Radley Community for guidance on how to progress their venture.

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Radleian Society

The Futures team works closely with the Radleian Society which aims to help all Radleians in their early careers (with a particular focus on those aged 16 – 25).

The Radley network can be accessed through our online networking platform, Radley Connect, which boys are invited to join in the Sixth Form. We encourage boys to actively seek out work experience opportunities while at school and Radley Connect provides a hub for networking with Old Radleians, current and past parents, many of whom are happy to give career advice or become mentors.  The Radleian Society also provide opportunities for boys to network in person at our business events in London, where boys learn more about different industries and the careers that are available in them.

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