Recent notices, listed in order of start year at Radley, with staff listed first.

We remember these members of the Radley community:


Staff & Hon Members

Alan Dowding (Hon Member)
Died on 8th June 2023

John Charles Cumming Holder (Hon Member)
Died on 27th April 2023

Diana Silk (Wife of Warden Dennis Silk)
Died on 19th January 2024

Jane Varley (Radley Staff, Matron 1969 – 77)
Died on 16th August 2023

Brian Wilson (Radley Don)
Died on 10th November 2023

Old Radleians

James Melfort Paul Gordon Campbell (1938, B)
Died on 22nd May 2023

Richard Homan (1938, B)
Died on 6th October 2023

Jeremy Debenham (1942, H)
Died on 12th March 2024

Robert Lister Otto Ely (1944, F)
Died on 6th January 2023

Michael Raymond Hornby (1945, A)
Died in March 2023

Nigel Konstam (1946, H)
Died on 19th July 2022

David  Cecil Dunkerley (1947, C)
Died on 24th June 2023

Andrew Le Blanc Smith (1947, C)
Died on 9th October 2023

Richard Thomas Stephen Matthews (1947, A)
Died on 31st August 2023

Timothy Alan Gentle Raikes (1947, B)
Died on 15th January 2024

George Rolf Richardson (1947, H)
Died on 4th July 2023

Christopher Wigram Bond (1948, A)
Died on 11th November 2023

Iain Eaton (1949, E)
Died on 2nd January 2023

Charles Michael Wigan (1949, B)
Died on 17th Febuary 2024

Richard Henry Heywood Barneby (1950, A)
Died on 10th February 2023

John Blair (1950, B)
Died on 6th February 2024

Richard Bilton Langstaff (1951, H)
Died on 7th May 2023

Nicholas Pryor (1951, D)
Died on 6th October 2023

Richard Thurston Venables Kyrke (1952, B)
Died on 23rd July 2023

John Howard William Ballance (1956, D)
Died on 21st November 2023

Patrick Gordon Edward Sellar (1956, D)
Died on 9th July 2023

John Burley (1958, F)
Died on 29th November 2023

Andrew Guy Harding (1959, F)
Died on 26th November 2023

Christopher Reginald Stanger (1960, H)
Died on 6th December 2022

Daniel Windham (1962, D)
Died on 9th October 2023

Christopher Bulstrode (1963, C)
Died on 7th December 2023

Andrew Gardner (1965, A)
Died on 1st November 2023

Timothy Scott (1965, H)
Died on 4th October 2022

Richard Slocock (1965, C)
Died on 13th January 2024

Nicolas Chater (1966, A)
Died on 12th January 2024

Richard Charles Alan Bright (1967, B)
Died on 16th July 2023

Jim Reeve (1973, D)
Died on 27th February 2024

Jonathan Rupert Holt (1975, D)
Died on 3rd July 2023

Jonathan William David Carter (1977, F)
Died in July 2023

James Robert Lynam Ballantyne (1978, B)
Died on 27th March 2023

Nicholas James Timothy Coles (2000, G)
Died on 4th August 2023

Jack Richard Ernst Chisholm (2015, A)
Died on 9th June 2023


Previous notices of death, by arrival year at Radley College:


Radley Staff and Honorary Members

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