Launching a startup is an emotional roller coaster with risk, uncertainty, long hours and an incredibly steep learning curve. US Tech serial entrepreneur, founder, mentor and author, Charlie Lass (1994, A), has personal experience of founding several businesses and how rewarding this can be, but is also realistic about the great toll it can take on the mental health of founders.

In this talk, Charlie will share some of the lessons he has learnt in the founding of businesses, and how he feels entrepreneurs can take steps to preserve their mental health, right from the start. Charlie will be interviewed by Rory Codrington (2006, E), a serial Founder himself, and CEO of Trust Keith.

Charlie Lass (1994, A) Founder of Dallas. Inc and
Charlie is a career entrepreneur with successful exits in the UK and US. As well as Dallas Inc and Humble Inc, he also previously worked as Founder of The Comparison Company and a Co-Founder at Open Energy Market.

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