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In 1823, Webb Ellis picked up the ball at Rugby School, and ran with it. This controversial action is being celebrated throughout the world in this bicentenary year of the game of rugby.

Radley had developed its own game – 12 good men, engaging in puddings and squashes. How different would the world be if Radley Football had triumphed in place of Rugby Football? It sacrificed its own football game in favour of the new rules of Association in the 1870s but already there was a movement to go to the dark side (or into the light, depending on your point of view).

In 1914, the Warden published (probably) the most controversial notice ever pinned up in Covered Passage: RUGGER WILL BE PLAYED

Association was banned. No debate. No looking back.

And now, to celebrate that global bicentenary, we look back over 109 years of Rugby at Radley. Click here to delve into the archives.