Congratulations to Aaron (V, G Social) for winning the Independent Schools’ Medical Lecture Competition. His presentation on Haemophilia and medical ethics outshone competitors from Harrow and Wycombe Abbey, impressing judges with its passion, clarity and depth.

In a recent interview, Aaron shared why he chose medical ethics and haemophilia for his presentation and whether he plans to compete again. We look forward to hearing more about his motivations.

Well done, Aaron!


Why did you choose your topic of interest?

I knew I wanted to branch off into ethics in my talk because I find that to be very interesting and always a relevant aspect of healthcare in the real world. My sister, a doctor, gave me some inspiration on the topic and pointed out a new haemophilia drug.

What was the best part of the evening?

For me it was to just hear about some very interesting fields in medicine, which I wouldn’t have imaged before. One person spoke about the healing power of light and how that affects ATP production.

Would you like to compete again?

I don’t think I will be doing it again next year, to ensure room for some fresh and thought-provoking talks, but would still love to watch.