The Old Radleian Golf Society (ORGS) has had busy start to the season, with a number of matches  played, as well as two spring meetings.

16th March: ORGS v Old Haileybury Golf Society – a 4 – 4 draw.

Players for Radley included Simon Curtis (1983, A), Philip Godden (1979, B), Caspar Lumley (2010, K),  Nick Craigen (2002, F), Angus Gubbins (2006, G), Giles Harwood (2006, B), Russell Hill (1974, B), and Patrick Wolton (2010, G).

12 – 14th April: Halford Hewitt Schools Old Boys Knockout

This was the Centenary competition and Radley have been involved since the beginning.

Players for Radley were: Tom Etridge (1985, A), Simon Peck (1985, C), Simon Stalder (2009, E), Fred Campion (2011, J), Arthur Tapner (2013, F), Sebastian Butterwick (2014, C), Thomas Beasley (2007, B), Alexander Beare (2012, K), Thomas Wright (2011, C), Alexander Bibby (2010, G).

Radley won the first round v Downside 3 – 2; but unfortunately lost in the second round v Rossall. Rossall lost in the fourth round against the eventual winners Eton.

18th April: Spring Meeting

29 ORGS members met at Denham Golf Club for the Spring Meeting and were blessed with glorious weather. The results were:

  • Charles Jeffreys Silver Bowl (Handicap Stableford): 1st Paul Craigen (1962, F) – 41 points; 2nd Will Bailey (1968, D) – 34 points
  • David Turner Scratch Cup: 1st Will Bailey (1968, D) – 77; 2nd Adam Leetham (1983, A) – 79
  • JH Mobbs Salver Over 55 (Handicap Stableford): 1st Paul Craigen (1962, F) – 41 points; 2nd Will Bailey (1968, D) – 34 points
  • Paul Cooper Cup for Past Captains (who have not won anything else) (Handicap Stableford): Christopher Clarke (1958, F)

21st April: Bruce Cup

This U35s competition was managed by Arthur Fane (2005, H), and was won by Christian von Celsing (2005, G).

There was also an unofficial match vs the current boys at Sunningdale, which the boys won 3 – 0. Players for the ORGS were Thomas Wright (2011, C), Thomas Beasley (2007, B), Arthur Tapner (2013, F), Tom Etridge (1985, A), Patrick Goodwin (2017, B) and Adam Leetham (1983, A), and playing for the school were Harvey (R), Marcus (R), Oliver (6.2) Harry (6.1), Albert (6.1) and Richard Grice (don).

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