The 10th biennial OR Property Dinner took place at Boodle’s on Wednesday 28th February. It was another “sellout” event with 64 attending ranging from Andrew Fane (1962, B) to Freddie Jodrell (2013, J), a spread of over 50 years. A good number of under-30s took advantage of the 50% discount on their ticket.

We were delighted that our guests were the Warden, who made an excellent speech after dinner, and Sub-Warden designate, Niall Murphy, who said Grace in Latin in the style of Hamish Aird, plus Elisabeth Anderson and Caroline Monaghan from the Radley Development Office.

Many moved to the Boodle’s bar after dinner for further refreshment and the barman drew stumps shortly after midnight. Great fun was had by all with plenty of property talk as well as reminisces about Radley.

– Gerald Kaye (1971, B)