The Radleian Society has evolved a great deal since it was founded in 1886. Recently we have made adjustments to our focus and communications, enabling us to support and connect with the Old Radleian & Radley parent communities in ways that reflect our changing society, and that remain relevant.

  • We have redesigned our monthly email newsletter to make it easier to focus in on what matters to you.
  • We will send out a dedicated monthly events bulletin, giving clear information about opportunities to reconnect with other ORs and parents. We have increased our presence on social media, and invite you to follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram: @radleiansociety
  • We have incorporated the business and careers work of Radley for Life under the Radleian Society brand, as this is now at the heart of the Radleian Society, and is prioritised as a core aspect of our activity.
  • We have developed a simplified digital version of the Radleian Society logo which will sit on social media, email communications, and event literature. We will be using this alongside the familiar long-form logo.

These small changes will streamline our communications, but the core values of the Radleian Society remain the same: maintaining social connections, supporting career development and networking, and highlighting the professional, charitable, and social achievements of the community for the greater good.