2022 was the 175th Anniversary of the founding of Radley and to mark this occasion the College produced a beautiful hardback book titled ‘Untold Stories’. It celebrates Radley’s history through a series of chapters based on the school’s four founding principles: Christianity, aesthetics, pastoral care, and collegiality.


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Written by College Archivist, Clare Sargent, the book considers the changing impact of these founding principles on the college’s development and on the subsequent lives of Old Radleians. It features untold stories of individuals and artefacts to help reveal a rich heritage from across The College’s first 175 years. Find out about the work of the Radley Mission in Wapping, terrapins lost in College Pond, how the College community responded to past pandemics, how life in Socials has changed (or not!) and much more…

We also glimpse Radley as it is today, through the lens of those founding principles, and explore their relevance as Radley moves forward into the next 175 years.

To mark the importance of the Radley Community, all current pupils and staff have their name included in the 2021 College Roll that features in the book.

To accompany the book College Archivist, Clare Sargent, gave a number of Untold Stories talks which are available on YouTube, and supplemental articles are available on the Untold Stories Blog.

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