We are pleased to announce the launch of Voices. The document, an evolution of our annual Partnership Benefit Report, shares the unique voices of our partners and boys and shines a light on the impact made through partnership.

This year, collaboration has become further embedded in all aspects of the College; working in partnership is less something we do, more a case of who we are. As we strive to make the educational experience for all Radleians relevant, working closely with others gives our boys greater awareness and agency, and a growing understanding of how they can make a meaningful contribution to the world.

John Sparks, Director of Partnerships, commented: “It would be simple to write about the success of our partnerships from a Radley perspective. However, I believe the experiences of pupils, parents, teachers, organisations and neighbours alongside those of our boys and staff more accurately reflects our vision and ethos. The benefits of our partnership on individuals differs greatly and only by hearing their voices can we truly understand the strength and depth of impact. The stories were recorded and transcribed, aiming to keep the teller’s ‘voice’ by using their own words, and reflect their insights into impact and its significance for them. Some stories are presented in full, while others are extracts from longer conversations.”

Voices is available to read here.