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The Radleian Society’s purpose is to connect the Radley Community.

Through bringing people together we build vibrant social and professional networks that can offer support to all Old Radleians.


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Brief History

Old Radleians have been gathering for dinners since the first days of the College and, at those early events, it was often commented that a society of Old Radleians would be of use to the College.

In 1888, the Radleian Society was formed to forward the interests of the College and to unite the ‘somewhat scattered ranks’ of Old Radleians. This move would enable the continued companionship between ORs as well as directing practical and financial support from ORs to the College and boys. The first act of the Radleian Society was to raise money for the Sewell Scholarship.

For more on the history of the College, visit the Radley College Archives.

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