The Radleian Society was pleased to welcome 67 guests, including current boys, ORs at various stages of their careers, Radley parents and staff, to this networking event Being Entrepreneurial in Your Early Career. In addition to those attending in person, the event was also livestreamed with the option to submit questions via social media, and around 50 people watched online.

A panel of four successful entrepreneurs was welcomed by Savills CFO Simon Shaw, who also kindly supplied the venue, and discussion was led by entrepreneur CEO of Jump 7 Nick Christie, all ORs. The four panellists gave insights into their journeys, covering both their successes and failures, and discussed the many characteristics and skills which are important to cultivate during the initial years of entrepreneurship.

The event was bookended with the opportunity to network and take part in informal chats with the panellists. The atmosphere was lively throughout, and attendees enjoyed the chance to speak to others at different points in their careers. One current student who attended said “I want to be an entrepreneur, but I had no idea how to go about that, and I feel now that focusing on trying to solve a problem is the best thing to do.” Other guests praised the variation of speakers and their dynamic presentation and answers. A young OR attendee said “It was really entertaining, nice balance on the panel, and they were entertaining as well. It was a privilege to be invited along.”

Many thanks to our insightful panel:

Freddy Macnamara (2001, E) Founder, CEO – Cuvva

Thom Elliot (1997, F) Co-Founder, Pizza Pilgrims

Rory Codrington (2006, E) Founder & CEO, Trust Keith

Hugo Besley (2010, C) Product & Data Analyst at start-up, Cuvva

Here are a few photos from the evening:

RFL Entrepreneurism in Your Early Career Event

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