It was a truly Olympian room at London Rowing Club on June 9th as we were joined by many distinguished people from the Radley rowing world including our Olympic medal winners, other rowers of great achievement, and those who had supported the boys through their time at Radley and beyond (Radley coaches, our Boatman, and of course Radley parents). It was a balmy evening, and there was a true air of celebration as people relished being able to finally get together after the first set of cancelled drinks in December 2021.  Ben Dreyer (1981, G), Chairman of the Mariners welcomed everyone and raised a toast to Radley College as June 9th 2022 was also the official 175th birthday of the College.

He then invited our three Olympic medallists, Ollie Wynne-Griffith (2007, D/J), Charlie Elwes (2010, J) and Tom George (2008, G), to talk about their experiences in Tokyo in 2020.  They each regaled us with stories from the Olympic village and talked about the highs and lows they had faced throughout their careers.  An Olympic medal was passed around the room with many remarking how heavy it was!  All in all, the evening was a lovely celebration for everyone who had contributed to Radley rowing over the years.

Mariners' Olympic Drinks, June 2022

Radley Rowing Olympians