Over 100 ORs attended the biennial Old Radleian Dinner this year, which took place at the Royal Automobile Club on 14th November 2023. Guests were greeted in the Rotunda foyer by the impressive spectacle of two historic cars including a very early motorcar prototype built by Frederick Simms in 1990 with the registration 1 RAC.

Upstairs, guests arrived at a champagne reception, providing an opportunity for warm reunions with friends ahead of the dinner. ORs were called to dinner in the newly decorated Mountbatten Room, overlooking Pall Mall, which was set out for the opulent meal; candle light reflected off the plentiful mirrored panels and chandeliers, not to mention the tantalising glasses and bottles upon the tables.

Radleian Society Chairman, Sam Melluish (1976, B), welcomed the assembled crowd, and grace was said by Hamish Aird. After the starter, the Warden, John Moule, and Senior Prefect, Zach (J Social), gave speeches, touching on the recent successes that Radley has achieved (including being voted Tatler Best Public School 2024, and 15 rugby fixture wins against Harrow over a single weekend), and also on the strong bonds of friendship that persist between ORs long after they have left the school – a testament to the shared memories and goodwill that characterises the community.

Thank you for the very enjoyable OR Dinner – perfectly organised, as always.

John Bridcut (1965, A)

Towards the close of the evening, the Chairman led the time-honoured toasts. The loyal toast to the monarch in the form ‘The King’, was spoken for the first time at an OR Dinner in seventy years.

Alongside the gathered ORs, plenty of well-known and much-loved dons were in attendance, including Charlie Barker, John Beasley, Tim Lawson, Niall Murphy, Andrew Reekes, and Tom Ryder.

Here are some photos from the evening: 

The OR Dinner 2023