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The Radleian Society

Welcome to the Radleian Society

The Radleian Society was established in 1888 and still remains true to its purpose - to enable Radleians, Old Radleians and friends of Radley to maintain their links with the school and with each other.  

The Society offers a variety of social and sporting activities together with a professional and career network connected through LinkedIn.  As a member of the Radleian Society you will be invited to events and be sent Lusimus and the Old Radleian to keep you in touch with other Radleians.

Old Radleians, Hon Members, current and past parents and long-serving Dons are all embraced by the Radleian Society, and will all remain members of the Radleian Society throughout their lives.

If you want to give us feedback, or ideas on what more we could be doing, please get in touch.

Thinking of visiting Radley?

All ORs are always welcome at Radley and during term time can stay in the OR Rooms which can be booked online. If you are planning a visit to Radley please ensure you call to tell us that you are coming as you will need to be formally signed into the site and accompanied on your visit around the College.  Please contact us on 01235 543000.

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